• This office is very well run. I have been going to Dr. Schmid since the ’80s. I had tried other dentists, but none of them had what Dr. Schmid has. He cares most for his patients. Great prices and great with older patients. I find the music to be very relaxing. What I like most is the camera he uses to show me what he is referring to. All the staff is trustworthy which is why I continue to refer others to this office. - Jewel Thompson

  • I’ve gone to multiple dentists before, but Dr. Schmid had made a lasting impression – he is excellent – far superior to all my previous dentists. I was referred to him and I have always been pleased with his work. Been going here for 15 years as a patient. They are all very accommodating and I appreciate how they treat me. They pointed out other issues I was not aware of. He gets an A++ rating from me. - Leland Thomasson

  • Everyone at Dr. Schmid’s office is very caring for patients with special needs. They are friendly, informative and very patient. We have been coming here for over 30 years – they feel like family! I like how he works with us explaining each of the procedures. Insurance is smooth. They are dedicated to identifying the needs for overall health not just the teeth. We really like the product recommendations too! - Laura Hillman

  • Dr. Schmid is very particular of dentistry and by far the best dentist I have ever had. He is a professional and you just can’t ask for better staff cooperation. In the four years that I have been coming here, I have shared his name with others in need of a dentist in our area. He is an honest dentist that takes the time to explain the cause of the problem and the best solution to fix it. - Ken Long

  • My entire family has been going to this practice for a number of years now. We never have to wait, they are always on time or early. Very accommodating and super nice. Never any pain. I have referred Dr. Schmid to others for dentistry needs. He is very informative and excellent with patient communication. - Pati B.

  • Dr. Schmid and his staff are excellent! I found him easy to schedule appointments around my work hours and very convenient to have them do all the insurance billing for me. Most of all, his prices are very reasonable (much lower than the bigger dental practices in the area) for any out-of-pocket expenses especially for the pain free quality of work he provides. I feel Dr. Schmid is very informative and honest on how I can best affordably manage my dental hygiene. I have referred him to many of my friends and each time, I always hear back rave reviews saying, "thanks for the referral"! He has awards all over his walls for winning best dentist in the Freeport area...I can certainly see why!! - John Zimmer

  • I was referred to Dr. Schmid and was very nervous, not knowing what I should expect. I was super surprised by how happy all the staff was. My wisdom tooth had been broken for 8 months and my fear kept me from going to a dentist. Not only was my tooth broken, but crooked in my jaw as well. To be fair, I really do love dentists, but I have a tremendous fear of the dental tools they use. The friendly receptionist cheerfully accepted my insurance and clarified my coverage. Dr. Schmid is the very best dentist I have ever been to! He told me everything he was going to do before he did it. I was literally shaking like a leaf. The dental assistant was comforting and helpful. These people are truly my dental angles! Dr. Schmid was careful to remove my tooth with virtually no discomfort. The ways they took care of me was exceptional. I can’t say enough about Dr. Schmid and his wonderful staff! Now, I really look forward to going to the dentist for the first time in 52 years! I am forever grateful. - Kimberly Halverson

  • I must say that Dr. Schmid and his staff are very friendly and treated me terrific. It was nice to find a dentist who stays on a schedule. He genuinely cares about his patients by offering different choices for each procedure, so I can choose what is right for me. Other dentists rush you through, but not here…they know how to make you feel good about doing something that most would agree is not so good. He has preserved some teeth that would have likely been pulled by my previous dentists for sure and I am so grateful for that. I found that he will do only what he can do, then refer me where he can’t. He always has my best interest in mind which I appreciate! - James Cole

  • I remember when Dr. Schmid bought the practice from the previous dentist and was new to the area. Dr. Schmid is a very meticulous dentist who gives you options and discusses what makes sense. Everyone on staff there is very confident and thorough of whatever procedure they are performing. They are all about the details and being precise the first time. Very pleasant dentist and staff to deal with. - Ellen Popper

  • We found that Dr. Schmid and his assistants are very friendly and attentive to our needs and excellent overall. I’m glad they can get you in right away when needed. He wants things done properly because he is a perfectionist. It seems like he really cares about our teeth and takes it personal. They are always accommodating to us and we like the timeliness of not having to wait. We have been going here since he started decades ago. Very clean and sanitary office. - Mike & Martha Taylor